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iBIPSR Capability: Shaping Research Through Collaboration

Through iBIPSR, BIPSR Process Stakeholders and SMEs are able to identify and recommend the best available blast injury prevention standards for use by the DoD, identifying knowledge gaps where no suitable standards exist, shaping medical research programs to fill identified gaps, and facilitating collaboration among diverse communities within and outside of the DoD.

The iBIPSR capability represents a novel way to reduce the timeline of the BIPSR Process without sacrificing decision quality and supports users through collaborative interactions between and among Stakeholders, SMEs, the BIRCO, and the MITRE team.

The iBIPSR capability has foundations in collaborative semantic web technology, an information synthesis technology well suited for large, collaborative, multi-user information sharing and decision making efforts. Additionally, the iBIPSR capability offers transparency by capturing and managing Stakeholder organizations' knowledge gaps and needs, and it facilitates understanding through near-real-time communication among participants.

If you are a BIPSR Process Stakeholder, please contact BIRCO for more information.

iBIPSR Capability
Click to download PDF file (726 KB) of the BIPSR process supported by the iBIPSR

iBIPSR Capability: Looking Ahead

iBIPSR is an evolving capability. The complete development of the iBIPSR website is expected to enhance information sharing among blast injury experts and support the BIRCO's EA mission to leverage existing knowledge and foster collaboration among academia, industry, international partners, and government organizations by providing a platform for continuous collaboration throughout the BIPSR Process.

The BIRCO with support from the MITRE team is currently proving-out the iBIPSR capability through the Auditory Blast Injury Type and enhancing the iBIPSR capability and site features by incorporating feedback and suggestions received from the Auditory Focused Stakeholder Committee members. Following initial enrollment of the Auditory Focused Stakeholders, the BIRCO anticipates that all BIPSR Process Stakeholders and designated SMEs will use the iBIPSR capability.

If you are a BIPSR Process Stakeholder, please contact BIRCO for more information.

Last modified: 26-Oct-2022