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Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve

DOD Brain Health Research Coordinator

More than 400,000 Service members have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) over the past 20 years (DVBIC, 2020), and that number includes only those who reported their injuries. Although the tempo of combat operations has decreased in recent years, brain injuries are still frequently experienced in training and will continue to be a challenge in future conflicts. Effective strategies to prevent, diagnose, and treat TBI and other brain health concerns are needed to protect and heal those who serve, and are critical for maintaining operational readiness.

In 2006, Congress directed the DOD to establish an Executive Agent (EA) for Medical Research for Prevention, Mitigation, and Treatment of Blast Injuries, and included brain health research responsibilities as part of the EA's mandate (Public Law 109-163, Section 256).

The DOD Brain Health Research Coordinator works on behalf of the EA to fulfill these responsibilities by promoting, supporting, and coordinating brain health research to yield solutions that improve Service members' brain health in training, in combat, and at home.

The DOD Brain Health Research Coordinator is a senior uniformed officer and physician with expertise in the field of neurology and extensive operational medicine experience who has held leadership roles at research and clinical organizations within the military. These credentials and background provide a unique and nuanced perspective on the DOD's brain health research needs. Read more about the current DOD Brain Health Research Coordinator.

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Last modified: 17-Nov-2022