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Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve

International State-of-the-Science Meeting on Understanding the Computational Modeling of the Human Body's Responses to Blast-Related Injury

Summer 2022

Image by Peter Soriano/RAND Corporation

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The 10th International State-of-the-Science Meeting will be, "Understanding the Computational Modeling of the Human Body's Responses to Blast-Related Injury."

Join peers and experts from across the globe to learn from luminaries in the field, forge collaborations, and discuss the latest in the computational modeling of the human body's response to blast trauma. The meeting is sponsored by the DOD Blast Injury Research Coordinating Office.

We encourage national and international scientists from academia, industry, military services, government, not-for-profit organizations, and other sectors to participate in the meeting. We also welcome those at all stages of their careers and from all professional sectors.

Meeting Objectives

  1. Assess the state-of-the-science of unified multi-scale modeling of the human body's responses to blast exposure
    • Assess the targeted efforts to integrate different models across cell tissue, organ, and whole body
  2. Identify major barriers and knowledge gaps that are impeding progress in the field and opportunities for investment in future research
  3. Identify additional opportunities for collaborative action (both intergovernmental and public-private) that could accelerate progress in understanding of the human body's responses to blast trauma research
  4. Provide recommendations to:
    • Advance pre-clinical and clinical research
    • Determine key policy gaps
    • Identify areas to advance product development (prediction, protection, prevention)

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Last modified: 15-Jun-2022