US Department of Defense
Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve
Each accomplishment adds to the knowledge base for blast injury research and advances the delivery of effective strategies that prevent blast-related injury or allow injured Service Members to return to duty and maintain an active lifestyle.

Injury Prevention Accomplishments

Medical research to prevent blast injury considers the entire spectrum of potential injuries, from primary to quinary. The design of prevention systems requires an understanding of the mechanism of injury; thus, significant research efforts are focused on replicating blast exposure conditions in the laboratory and determining blast injury mechanisms using animal and computational models. Researchers are also collating clinical and operational data to analyze injury risk and assess PPE performance. Data from this area of research is currently being used to establish safety thresholds for human exposure to blast, enhance diagnostic capabilities, support the design of protection systems, and strengthen guidelines for the safe use of weapon systems. Findings are shared between the military and civilian research and development communities in order to encourage greater use and availability of protective measures against blast events in both sectors.

  • FY20 Accomplishments
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Last modified: 10-Jul-2020