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Advancing Blast Injury Research to Protect and Heal Those Who Serve
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Annual Reports to the Executive Agent

The premier informational product for DoD blast injury research

The US Department of Defense (DoD) Blast Injury Research Coordinating Office (BIRCO) prepares an annual report to the DoD Executive Agent (EA) for Medical Research for Prevention, Mitigation, and Treatment of Blast Injuries. These comprehensive reports are the BIRCO's premier informational product for disseminating information about DoD-sponsored blast injury research, and are presented on behalf of the vast network of DoD organizations and partners who are the foundation of the DoD Blast Injury Research Program. Each report describes both medical and nonmedical research efforts to address the entire spectrum of blast injuries and is intended to inform researchers, policymakers, military leaders, and the public, by highlighting significant accomplishments, exploring challenges, and making recommendations to advance the state of the science.

The annual reports to the EA demonstrate the power of collaboration and the breadth of partnerships within the diverse blast injury research community and exemplify the DoD's commitment to preventing, mitigating, and treating the full range of blast injuries. Each new report is made publically available via the BIRCO website.

Accomplishments within the annual report to the EA are organized by the DoD Blast Injury Research Program's key program areas: Injury Prevention, Acute Treatment, and Reset.

Last modified: 18-Jun-2019