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The Blast Injury Research Program Welcomes New Brain Health Research Program Coordinator

COL Sidney Hinds II, MD joined the Blast Injury Research Program Coordinating Office (PCO) in April 2016 as the Department of Defense (DoD) Brain Health Research Program Coordinator. In this role, COL Hinds will support the Executive Agent responsibilities to disseminate brain health research and clinical practices information, facilitate collaboration, and promote information sharing among researchers and clinicians within the DoD, other federal agencies, academia, industry, and allied nations. His coordination activities will focus on brain health research topics to include: medical technologies and protocols to more accurately detect and diagnose blast injuries, such as improved discrimination between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and mental health disorders; integrated treatment approaches for Service Members who have a combination of TBI and mental health disorders or other injuries; improved clinical evaluation and treatment approaches for blast injuries with emphasis on TBI and other consequences of blast injury; the incidence of TBI attributable to blast injury in Service Members returning from combat; and, TBI treatment programs that enhance the evaluation and care of Service Members with TBI in medical facilities in the US and in deployed medical facilities, including those outside of the DoD. COL Hinds comes to the PCO after having served as Director of the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center.

Last modified: 07-Jul-2017