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Technical Report From the 6th International Forum on Blast Injury Countermeasures (IFBIC 2022)

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The 6th International Forum on Blast Injury Countermeasures (IFBIC), held in May 2022, brought together participants with a broad range of knowledge and expertise, and provided a platform to share national experiences and evidence-based approaches to the scientific study of blast injuries and their prevention, mitigation, and treatment. The IFBIC provides an international forum where blast injury research experts can engage in active and fruitful discussions and exchange creative ideas on a broad spectrum of blast injuries. International cross-disciplinary collaboration is regarded as essential to investigate physical causes of blast injury, to characterize the vulnerability of anatomical systems and their functions to blasts, and to develop the means to prevent, mitigate, and treat blast injuries. Countermeasures may include personal protective equipment; weapons and vehicle systems engineered for safety; tactics, techniques, and procedures for injury prevention; and medical interventions tailored to the specific needs of blast injuries. Key emerging research themes included Physiologic Blast Responses, Blast Data, Modeling, and Blast Sensor Development / Validation. The IFBIC 2022 was co-sponsored by the DOD Blast Injury Research Coordinating Office and the National Defense Medical College, and hosted at MITRE Corporation in McLean, Virginia.

If you are interested in reviewing the presentations from the IFBIC 2022, please use the instructions for more information on how to download presentations. Please keep in mind that access to these presentations is provided by request only.

Download the full IFBIC 2022 technical report.

Last modified: 04-Apr-2023